There are many variations of paintball and one that opens up the accessibility of the sport even further is the indoor version, sometimes known as ‘Reball’ or ‘Paintless Paintball’.

Being played in any suitably sized hall, it use the same inflatable bunkers as used in tournament play but makes use of foam rubber balls as ammunition instead of paintballs.  These do not break or mark so cause no problems with making the playing area dirty.

Players use the same markers used for standard paintball but have the power reduced to a maximum of 240 fps.  Safety masks are used but no overalls are required, as it is mess-free!

Game play is virtually identical to standard  tournament paintball with games such as ‘capture-the-flag’ and ‘protect the VIP’ etc.

As the balls do not splat on contact, players do need to demonstrate good sportsmanship and admit when they have been tagged.

Bunkers The inflatable bunkers can be laid out in various arrangements to suit the size of hall and add variation for regular players.  This can be from skills practice and 2 on 2 in a squash court to full 7 on 7 games (or more) in a full sized sports hall.


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