Combat Rats brings you the option to bring the thrill of Paintball closer to home. No longer is there any requirement to commit full day to travelling to a remote location to take part. Now the party comes to you!
With a number of regular locations around the Shropshire and North Wales area, just book in a game at your nearest one.   By making playing more accessible, we are encouraging people to play regularly and get more involved in the sport of tournament paintball.
Our mobile tournament field can be erected anywhere that is fairly flat of up to 100m x 50m.  If there are buildings or public paths nearby, we are able to erect 3m high paintball-proof safety netting to prevent any ‘collateral damage’.
Equipment is issued from the specially kitted out trailer provides a mobile service centre and armoury where players can get their markers, paintballs and other items.
What are you waiting for?