The style most familiar to the majority of people in the UK is known in the paintball community as ‘Woodsball’ and is similar to the original concept, with teams playing games such as ‘capture the flag’ in a woodland setting.

A very popular variation that has evolved into a professional sport, is the tournament style known as ‘speedball’ (technically ‘airball’ see video below)

So now you have two distinct types of paintball, one focussed on scenario play with longer games and missions, and the other based on fast and furious tournament play.  Each style requires strategy, teamwork and technical skills for success.  Both are fun and exciting!

With Combat Rats, the style of play depends on the game settings.  At sites such as our regular venue at Nantmawr Quarry, we run scenario style games often within a storyline.  Each team has a number of objectives to complete which involves problem solving, teamwork and planning.

Our mobile inflatable field lends itself better to tournament style games.  Although we do still run different games with various objectives, it is much faster and furious with a greater emphasis on movement and shooting skills.  Teamwork and communication are still critical for success though!


Whatever the style of game, each player is supplied with a semi-automatic paintball gun (marker), safety mask, overalls, ammo pack and close guidance on how to stay safe.

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