Want a host your own paintball day?  Got some private land you can use?  Then this is where you need to be!You can have the choice of using our inflatable bunkers for a done-for-you tournament field (needs a clear area of around 100m x 200m) or if you have suitable woodland, abandoned buildings or other interesting terrain, then we can use that.For each outdoor game we will provide everything you need to field up to 100 players in a full day (10am to 4pm).

It’s entirely up to you whether you have all players all day or different players for shorter sessions.  In addition to the playing equipment, we will provide marshalls for the day, unlimited gas refills for the markers and a supply of paintballs.  More paint can be bought on the day or pre-ordered at a discount.For indoor games, any large room such as a sports hall will do.


We will provide inflatable bunkers and equipment to field up to 20 players at a time.  We use reballs (soft rubber) through reduced-power markers, so the game will leave no mess and ammunition can be picked up intermittently and reused.  Again, this is for a full day and it is your choice as to how many sessions you want to divide it into.  Two marshalls will be provided to run the indoor games.


Call today on 01691 750425 or email enquiries@combatrats.co.uk to discuss your needs and arrange for us to come and check your location for suitability.  We can provide tickets and flyers etc if you are running it as a charity fundraising event or similar.


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